Design You Trust / Chrono Shredder
September 2, 2008, 4:46 pm
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First and foremost, I must admit that it has taken me this long to cross paths with Design You Trust, a extremely well organized blog with more visual inspiration than I know what to do with. With that said, I encountered a post featuring the work of Susanna Hertrich and her Chrono Shredder. A very interesting piece of work that she delves into on her own personal website.

Go ahead and scavange through Susanna’s impressive portfolio along with doing yourself the distinct pleasure of adding Design You Trust as one of your most trusted bookmarks.

*via Design You Trust

Ipod Boombox
September 2, 2008, 2:29 am
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I want this! Angelo Brisimitzakis at Lehigh University, Pennsylvania has featured his step by step process of integrating an iPod with its remote into a classic 1985 Ghettoblaster.

*Thanks Dave Saturdays

Chris Gilmour
August 15, 2008, 12:37 pm
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With an extraordinary understanding of his material of choice and a fine attention to detail, Chris Gilmour’s cardboard constructions are quite compelling.

*via Inqmnd

Behind the Design
August 15, 2008, 12:09 pm
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Ever wonder how a car comes together in the sense of form and structure. Who really decides what curves go where? The BMW Blog features a wonderful post showcasing multiple pictures of BMW designers shaping the car by manipulating a life-size clay model.

Gregor Timlin
August 15, 2008, 11:48 am
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Conceptually astounding work from Gregor Timlin. His homeless shelter and copter light are just a couple of great pieces to an interesting grouping of work on his website.

*via Inqmnd

From Vinyls to Graffiti and more…
June 29, 2008, 5:19 pm
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^ 123 Klan

^ Superdeux

I greatly admire the graphic work of both Superdeux and the 123Klan. As effective as their print designs are, I’m also very intrigued by the focus to expand their designs toward vinyl toys.


^ Grain Edit truly seems to appreciate typography and modern design as well as they provide great interviews with fresh yet incredibly successful designers/studios of today.

^ Change the Thought has a great balance between design, photography, illustration and plenty other aspects that pertain perfectly to the creative mind.

^ Design Milk appears to appreciate furniture and industrial design while accompanying those likes with design and fashion as well.

To accompany my increased efforts to update my blog I’ve taken a few steps to check some of my favorite blogs I haven’t checked in a while as well as familiarize myself with some other blogs I was unaware of, thanks to the help of some friends.

Above are three links to three blogs that I found both entertaining and inspiring, so be sure to click around and enjoy the websites provided up above.

*Thanks Paul Stonier & Ryan Moore.

It’s Nice That…


One of my favorite new blogs, It’s Nice That, is a design blog by designers Will Hudson and Jez Burrows. It contains fantastic links and supports the aspiring designer…gotta give props for that. It’s Nice That is very refreshing in aesthetics as well, taking a very clean and simple approach. You can’t go wrong with this blog so add it to your bookmarks immediately, all you designers out there.

Jen Stark
July 28, 2007, 12:09 am
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Throughout school, one clear message has been instilled in my head. When creating any sort of art, your materials shouldn’t limit the way you use them. Each artist must take an intelligent approach and truly understand the materials they’re manipulating in order to create work that is unique, innovation and inspiring. It is apparent through the work of Jen Stark that she has mastered her craft. Her paper sculptures are awe-inspiring and convey the utmost attention to detail and patience. Take a moment and view Jen’s work, you won’t be disappointed.

Recognition & Respect

They are two essential goodies every designer looks and hopes for. Now, I can’t offer too many step by step instructions when it comes to gaining such things, however I do have my own beliefs. I find taking any opportunity to showcase your work and receive feedback as well as recognition, could only help in the long run. As I’m about to embark on my senior year of college, the challenge of creating innovative, creative, and suitable work for the many employers I may meet is in the back of my head. I think it’s safe to say it’s in the back of every senior’s head. But what can you do to separate yourself from the rest of the pack, what can you do to get a head start? Well I’m hoping getting your name out there is one of best options. I’ve compiled a list of artistic communities which allow you to upload your portfolio, add friends, comment on other individuals’ pieces of work, as well as establish many branches of support and communication.


1. Coroflot

We’ll start with one of the biggest communities for college student portfolios. Coroflot enables users to load assortments of work as well as look for job opportunities on their job board. You can also join and endless amount of groups that may appeal to different aspects of design (i.e. Industrial, Graphic Design, Freelancers Inc., etc.). Coroflot also allows you to see how many people have looked at each jpg., along with the visits to your portfolio page.


2. 5oup

Equally as strong as Coroflot, 5oup showcases some of the best designers in the world emerging from college. 5oup also offers plenty of neat groups you can join along with the never ending access to thousands of portfolios and plenty of feedback from intrigued viewers. Hey, if you impress some people on 5oup, you may even end up as the featured profile on the front page.


3. Creative Binge

I happen to like this last link a lot. Creative Binge may not be as structurally sound as the first two, it might not have as many users, but it’s under the radar and it offers a much smaller pool of designers to be involved in. I find that even though the caliber of designers that may be included in this site isn’t quite up to par with the other two sites, it offers you a better possibility of being recognized. The site offers a different approach than the past two, in which users can vote on pieces of work in everyone’s profile, and based upon that rating, you’ll be organized by design from best to worst score. Creative Binge also offers a featured profile on the front page, which I always love to see. I also feel the site will continue to prosper and is worth taking the time to upload a portfolio.


So lets get serious here folks, are you really doing that much work this summer? Take a half hour each day and upload a portfolio to each site. You’re only helping yourself.


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