Insanely great sites 2 of 7
December 28, 2006, 6:48 pm
Filed under: Art, Clothing

Alright so the next site on the list is one that a lot of people already know about I’m sure. The geniuses over at Threadless are doing everything they can to make sure you’re “Nude No More.” It seems their marketing strategy has been working for years, as the site seems to continually grow to exponetial amounts.

For those a little less informed about the clothing phenomenon known as Threadless, it has a way of sucking you in from the beginning. Whether it’s the assortment of thousands of shirts in their online store (slight exhaggeration, but not much), the endless submissions of their loyal artistic fans (looking for some bling if their design wins of course), or the tasty pictures users proudly post showing off their newly acquired shirts.


As for the way things work:
1.) Create an account.
2.) Pimp out your profile page
3.) Work on a design, only containing four colors
4.) Submit to using it’s guidelines
5.) Voting begins for a week straight
6.) If you’re the man, you’ll receive an e-mail saying, “Hey you’re the fricken man! We’re going to put your shirt in our online store.”
7.) You walk away with a gigantic smile and $2,000 bucks in cash and prizes. How sweet it is.

So as easy as that all looks, go check out the site for yourself, it will all make plenty more sense once you see it.


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