Insanely great sites 7 of 7
December 29, 2006, 6:51 am
Filed under: Art, Blogs, Illustration

PHEW…we made it. Alright folks, last insanely great site for you to feist your eyes on. I know most of you are probably thinking, “No Ryan, we want more completely awesome things to look at.” Oh, don’t you worry your little hearts, there’ll be more. So the last site I’m going to suggest you all check out, especially for the illustrators out there, is a little site by the name of Illustration Mundo. And when I say little, I actually mean HUUUGE. This site pretty much links you to the greatest of the greats in modern day illustration including some of my favs, such as James Jean, Sam Weber, and Tomer Hanuka.

James Jean, Sam Weber, Tomer Hanuka

There’s hundreds of links, articles, audio clips, some Q & A sessions, forums and other goodies to click away at. To be quite honest, you’d be a fool not too look at this site, even if you weren’t an illustrator. The abundance of content is just the tip of the iceberg people. Click away!

Illustration Mundo


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