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January 2, 2007, 6:29 pm
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I’ve realized that I’ve been posting so many blogs on photography that I need to go back to what I’m all about…graphic design. So I figured I’d do post a bunch of graphic design geniuses on my blog today and see what sort of response it gets.

Indigo 6

Probably one of the most creative and unique online portfolio’s I’ve layed my eyes on, is that of Indigo 6. The site itself is designed after a flight plan and crew, from pamphlets that were developed just for photography on the site all the way to the short video clip at the beginning including a fake flight attendant, welcoming you to the ride of your life on Indigo 6’s jet full of design bliss.

big active

The next group of talented graphic designers is a large group of artists that make up the website Big Active. These folks have worked with music greats such as Beck, Keane, Muse, Boy Kill Boy, Snow Patrol and more. The site also includes the individual artists who have supported their illustration and photography skills to the finely tuned graphic design work of Big Active. *If there’s any confusion as to getting to the actual portfolio, click on the refresh/reload text on the initial page.


Anova Design has a great collection of motion, graphics, identity work, and some other odds n’ ends. The site is very fluid and just adds to the aesthetically pleasing work.

here’s an extra little treat.


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Just found this post… a belated thank you from the crew at

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