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January 5, 2007, 6:06 am
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When I began this site not too long ago, the main goal was to share inspiration with readers, to show you all links of the great artists out there, to introduce new urban clothing lines, and to get you to just like this blog so damn much that you want to visit it often.

So far however, I’ve shown links to all these great artists and I realized today, even if there aren’t a great number of readers at this moment, no one knows what my work looks like besides my good friends. So for the next couple blogs I am going to include some things I’m all about and spread some love to friends and school colleagues. I feel it’s only right and hopefully will grab a couple new viewers as well.

I’m going to start with pictures of a collage I made last year that was approx. 3 feet wide x 7 feet tall. The project was to make a trip-tic, or three piece collage in which all parts worked cohesively together. I chose to make a bad-ass dragon…

dragon collage

I ended up using a crapload of black foamcore, while adding felt, gold foil paper, construction paper, stickers, ping pong balls (for the eyes), white prismacolor pencil for the belly, and gold paint for every other line. It ended up being a matter of racing against the clock to finish the project for my class on time. The skulls were a last minute substitute for the original idea I had, which was to include golden knights climbing all over the big dragon/snake spearing it and attempting to rope it to the ground. The skull stickers ended up turning out pretty bad and were a poor substitute. Either way, the class loved it, and a couple kids in my collage class actually wanted to buy the piece, the piece that now sits in my basement because I figured I would fix it. I haven’t touched the thing since the critique.

I came out of the project only being partially satisfied, because I knew very well I could’ve done better and sold myself short. So I brought the image to the computer. Good ol’ Illustrator and I cleaned up the dragon for a project my friends and I are working on, called Dinamo. Keep your eyes peeled for that. In the mean time, take a look at what I plan on making posters out of, the…”Dinamo Dragon.” Criticisms appreciated before going to the printers.

dinamo dragon

Tomorrow I plan on posting a couple blogs directed towards my friends Felecia Wolff and her site Sticks and Robots along with my other talented friend Maury Postal and his site MoPostal.


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