Hometown Heroes cont’d
January 6, 2007, 1:34 am
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My other good friend with crazy amounts of talent is Maury Postal. Maury pretty much owns kids at school in everything graphic design. He’s got a love for simplistic and it’s incredibly effective because all his work stands above the rest in most classes we have together. The kid’s got a knack for the computer as well as an eye for color and photography. He’s done plenty of work for the Rochester Institute of Technology and I have no doubt he’ll make a name for himself right out of the gates. Whether it’s photography, graphic design, website interactivity, etc, he knows mostly everything you can throw at him. Check out his work over at his art portfolio MoPostal or see what’s on his mind over at his blog located here.



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Oh man, i’m on bigchase, SCORE. Thanks for the write up Ryan.

Comment by Maury Postal

Nice site! kabababrubarta

Comment by kabababrubarta

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