January 9, 2007, 4:52 am
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The first day back from Christmas break and boy was it a productive one for me. I have a printmaking class Monday nights and I have been setting up some materials to make a large 1 foot x 2 foot print. As dorky as it sounds, I was kind of excited going into this because I had been working in a really small format, just learning the techniques for a couple months, so this was a big step. Almost like graduating the introductory classes of printmaking in a sense. So today I make a large print using the Mezzotype technique for anyone familiar with printmaking and it turned out fricken DELICIOUS. I figured I’d share a few photos of the print that I ended up being really happy with. I plan on making a bunch of editions of this print and selling them eventually. Take a gander and tell me what you think.


The actual print measures 1 foot tall x 2 feet wide.


One quick close up image.


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The closeup of your print is truly amazing! I’m glad that you included one. The speckled details adds such complement to the long & elegant sweeping trails. Even though I am personally not familiar with the “Mezzotype” techniques I would say you did a fine job on this print.

I don’t think your excitement was dorky at all. It’s wonderful to be excited about expressing oneself through art. In fact I happen to think it is beautiful that you can find joy in expanding your level of experience with printmaking.

I think you did a remarkable job on this print. Especially since it was one of your first attempts at a larger format. Well done indeed!

Thank you for sharing your relief print!

Sassafrass Winter Solstice

Comment by Sassafrass Winter Solstice

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