“The Perfect Prescription”
January 12, 2007, 4:21 pm
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A professor of mine recently presented an interesting article related to a thoughtful use of graphic desisgn in every sense of the word. Deborah Adler, a 29 year old graphic designer, ran into an incident in which her grandmother accidentally swallowed her husband’s pills. Adler realized that the design and system of pill bottles is not only very ugly, but also a cause for concern. A recent poll by Target also backed her inkling that suggested, “60 percent of prescription-drug users have taken medication incorrectly,” (nymag.com).

Adler then decided for her thesis project she would spend time devising a system and designs in which would not only make pill bottles safe but aesthetically pleasing. We often find an overload of bright stickers that are meant to caution use, only confusing and in some cases, get lost in the orange color of the pill bottle. As well as a jumble of instructions in a small amount of space, which makes things even more chaotic. Adler’s plan was to approach the FDA with her designs and ideas, however a creative director at Target saw Adler’s work and immediately bought the patent and went through the motions of getting the design produced for Target’s pharmachy sections.

This all took place about a year and a half ago when Adler’s solution was released by Target in the summer of May 2005. As for if they are still using the incredibly effective design to this day, I’m not sure. However, the article is incredibly interesting and includes some small picture of Adler’s process as the project went on. Indulge yourself on the effectiveness of graphic design here.

The final solution.



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