Obey, Andre the Giant
January 15, 2007, 8:11 pm
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Does the name Shepard Fairey ring any bells? How about Obey Giant? Wait, what about “Andre Giant has a Posse?” Okay well if you’re still stumped, do you remember seeing this image pasted everywhere as it emerged in the mid 1980’s?…


Well if you still don’t then something’s wrong and you need to familiarize yourself with Shepard Fairey on Wikipedia, one of the dopest graphic artists out there. The reason I mention a name most artists already know, is because I recently bought his new book Supply & Demand: The Art of Shepard Fairey, which is a great graphic novel that clearly explains the evolution of an idea, a icon, and a artist’s creativity into what is today a man who has received worldwide recognition. The book includes a great assortment of pictures of Fairey’s works all way to when Obey Giant began in 1986. It’s a great way to see how an effective image can develop over time as well as reading the artist’s story behind the icon that changed his life. It’s a great buy for any one dedicating their time to art and can be found for a low price on Amazon here. Andre the Giant does indeed have a posse.



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[…] This is obviously a send-up of the Obama poster done by Shepard Fairey: […]

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So Shephard made the obey art from the 80s?

Comment by lilkunta

Oh absolutely lilkunta. He is in fact the sole man responsible for Obey. The only help he has had from others is through their help plastering stickers all over the States.

Comment by bigchase

O ok. Thx. I thought SF was a college kid, part of the youth inspired by BO. i didnt know he has been doing this 89, 20yrs!

Congrats 2 him!

Comment by lilkunta

fairey is a world-class plagiarist
wake up people
know your history before you heap on ignorant praise

Comment by junta68

junta u r jealous.
drink some water & go for a run.
be blessed!

Comment by lilkunta

jealous? not likely. u don’t even know what you’re talking about. don’t be so lazy. do an ounce of research.

Comment by junta68

junta shephard is areat artist. what exactly is it u want me 2 research. u dont know me & u call me lazy.
u dont like him, that is fine but many of us DO. He has stayed releant in the 80s,90s, &most recently with his wonderful art for Pres Barack Obama’s campaign.

Comment by lilkunta

Shepard Fairey stole every piece of artwork he ever did. He co-opted the images of true radical artists– real socialists and communists, slapped a meaningless slogan on them then sold them to dopes like you FOR A HUGE PROFIT. Do you know why he changed “Andre The Giant Has A Posse,” to “Obey Giant?” Because the WWF busted him for copyright infringement. Here’s the real story on your magnificent artistic hero–


junta68 is right, you people need to learn about art AND history before you go glorifying a phony.

Comment by Tiedyedtehuti

2)Do u have proof of that? If so, pls post it.
1a) Fairey didnt slap meaningless words on them. He put words on them that encompass that perosn & what they fought 4. If u dont see that open your eyese & look again.
3) WRONG. I look @ FAirey’s work but havent spend 1 cent. Im stingy w all my $. (PS you’re cleary the dope, a jealous dop @ that!)
4)I know that Shephard used some else’s art (Andre) & that is y he created Obey.
4a)Y dont u give credit 2 Fairey in that he helped propel diff ppl to national attn and helped spread their iamge & msg?
5)junta isnt right. he is jealous. u sound jealous as well tiedyed.

Comment by lilkunta

pipi cacaaaaa

Comment by makhiem

Hes great your not end of cock suckers

Comment by Obey

[…] so that there was a strong contrast and resembled the OBEY stickers made by Shepard Fairey in the Andre the Giant […]

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