Sleep Better
February 9, 2007, 3:51 pm
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When it comes to tossing and turning for hours, I try to do almost anything to help me pass out. Well thankfully, designers at Zyken have developed a product called the NightCove featured in their products section. The purpose of the NightCove is to improve an individuals’ sleep cycles by creating ideal conditions during the evening. The product uses wavelengths of light and different intensities of light to affect the brain’s production of melatonin (the hormone that regulates our sleeping and waking up habits). The NightCove has been scientifically proven to improve sleep habits in which total sleep quality is improve by 18%, energy in the morning is 22% higher, as well as lucidity which is 13% higher.

Along with improved night time sleeping, you can also set the NightCove to a nap setting during the day as well as setting all sorts of sleep and wake up programs. Also included is a clock function, the ability to connect to computers, mp3s players, plasma screens and a few other options. As for the pricing and where you can buy one of these nifty little guys, there is no known information as to the release. So for right now, keep your eyes peeled, because they look like an intriguing asset to our daily night’s rest.



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sounds intriguing!
(“intreging” = intriguing. you should fix)

Comment by marcys

This is cool!
This looks like the next stage in luxury sleep after Sleep Number Beds and else..

Comment by Bobby

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