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February 17, 2007, 9:42 pm
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If you could only visit these next two sites for the rest of your life, I guarantee your urban sense of style would be like no other. That’s all, just two sites and probably a good chunk of change.

Kix-Files is an online archive dedicated to fashion and the dopest shoes you can find. They carry all the Air Force Ones and Dunks you can normally see in the stores as well as some very rare shoes that have limited distribution. So if you’re looking for some unique shoes that not many others will have, then the Kix-Files store is a good visit for you.

What’s a pair of fresh new shoes without the matching gear? Well that’s where Karma Loop comes into play. This clothing store has been around for a while and is fairly well known, however they recently added a new addition to their site called the Kazbah in which some striving clothing companies were selected to sell their lines on the site. It was an addition that happened a couple months ago and is very old news, but there are constant updates on the site and it’s a worthy visit.

Oh, and while you’re at it check out these amazing new shoes covered on the Kix-Files website dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Air Force Ones. Check it HERE.

air force one kicks


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