Anti-Squirrel Bird Feeder
March 13, 2007, 8:21 pm
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Not quite sure what it is, but my Grandpa and my Dad go crazy when they see a bunch of squirrels eating all their birdseed. Maybe they’re alone in that sense, but if not, this blog goes out to all those dads out there who hate squirrels trying to get a free meal. “Twirl-a-Squirrel” uses physics and the additional weight of the squirrel to start spinning the bird feeder until the squirrel needs to jump off out of pure dizzyness. There’s a video demonstration here.

*Via Core 77


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My squirrel-proof feeder has done a good job keeping squirrels from getting a free meal. But the same is not true for chipmunks. We found one yesterday stuck in the feeder. You can see the video drama here –

He did manage to slip out after some coaxing from us.

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