Hometown Heroes vol3

As more and more of my friends become increasingly concerned with putting together some sort of a portfolio, they start to actually become ambitious, do plenty of work on their sites and make me look bad (because I don’t have one yet). So, since I’m a nice guy and all, plugging for them on my blog is just like second nature to me. Alright all sarcasm aside now, two past roomates of mine, David Fung and Adam Steinbrenner have made their own portfolio sites. They both have their own unique talents and individual style and are worthy for being shared with all you lovely viewers.


Dave (above) has just graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology as a Graphic Designer and combines his talents in both illustration and computer based programs to create an extraordinary collection of work. Now with the release of his site, he hopes to find his way to the “real world” of work and grow as a designer even further. Take a look here.


Adam (above), currently enrolled at the same college, is a talented sophomore Graphic Design student. As many designers can relate, it’s in the first couple of years of college in which you truly hone your skills and find your path/individual style. With that said, I think it’s easy to say that Adam is in the same position, but it’s very intreging to watch his process and his development. I find myself noting that he gets better and better every week I see him and his work. Check out his new blog full of art, sketches and philosophies here.

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Who is this Dave Fung guy? Because his work is eye-poppingly amazing. He’s probably a cutie too. It’s just a vibe I get…i dunno.

Comment by Not Dave

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