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May 31, 2007, 6:54 am
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Well, it’s been a few days off of college and I still haven’t been able to pull myself away from doing work on the computer. One good reason was because of the recent AllMightys contest, themed Monsters and Mayhem. I mean, who doesn’t like sketching out a scary monster!? So I was pretty pumped about that and started sketching up a pretty nasty looking monster only to miss the deadline, since it was a European site and I forgot their hours are far ahead. SON OF A BEE-STING!

Anyways, I decided to move forward and work to finish the little guy in hopes of submitting the design to Threadless or GoApe Shirts. Figured it couldn’t hurt to post my sketches for now and show you the final product later (which is cleaning up real nicely) since a lot of viewers have showed interest in my own work. So there it is folks, from the graphite smudged fingers of Ryan Haigh, some good ol’ monster sketches. Enjoy.

*If anyone is curious as to how the ghosts and monster relate, the ghosts will be semi-transparent, flowing out from the monsters throat.


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not a bad design, but if you’re designing it for straight up screen printing (and not 4 color offset), you can’t have transparency. It looks good otherwise. Maybe think about chopping halftones out of the fills of your ghosts, that way some of the color from the previous layer will show through. Keep in mind that with screen printing, each new color is its own layer as well (again unless it is being printed using 4 color offset process)

Comment by jughead

good looking out jughead, really appreciate the tips

Comment by bigchase

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