I’m Back
November 21, 2007, 3:15 pm
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i’m back

Wow, so approximately three months since my last post. How unacceptable is that!? Well, I’ll tell you, I walked into this senior year of college knowing it was going to be demanding and exhausting, but I never thought to the extent I’ve experienced. So, needless to say, every ounce of my focus has been on this past semester at good ol’ Rochester Institute of Technology. Plenty of good work that I’ve been producing and I’m excited to share with everyone on here. Even some stuff I didn’t get a chance to share at the end of the summer that I will be placing on the site as well. Keep your eyes peeled.

NEW SETUP –As for the new site setup, I tried to make the old one very aesthetically pleasing, yet find out by many who aren’t familiar with blogs or technologically savvy, that it was just plain confusing. So I’m sticking with this one for now. We’ll try to make it work, although my “biography,” “about,” and “contact” pages have completely disappeared. Also you’ll notice that some links tend to hide themselves and the images on the old posts all get cut off because of the new width restrictions. There are my forewarnings, but in the new few weeks that I’ve been given off for Thanksgiving break, I plan on offering plenty of little goodies for everyone to feast their eyes on, seeing as your bellies just won’t have nearly enough room for anything else after tomorrow’s festivities.

Sorry for the hiatus everyone, but check back often, as I’ll be bored much of this break, which means plenty of posts on the blog. Enjoy.


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