The History of “Snaggletoof”
November 21, 2007, 4:41 pm
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The legend of Snaggletoof is a long and epic one. Well not really and many of you might be saying, “What the hell are you talking about kid.” Fair enough. Allow me to elaborate. The graphic you see before you, is a personal identity I’ve created for myself due to a nickname as well as my personal characteristics. As I’m about to embark on the “real world” in a handful of months, it was necessary to create a personal logo that I could include with my work as well as create promotional material pertaining to that personality, my personality as a designer as well as an individual.

I began brainstorming and was instructed that I was not allowed to use my own initials to create the logo (that tends to be very tacky and hardly unique). I put some ideas together that pertained to my graphic style, my love for hands-on projects as well as aesthetics (think sketched out type as opposed to your 10 pt sized Helvetica), as well as my sense of humor. Quite literally I believe the smile directly applies to that sense of humor as well as my graphic style of design. But now, onto the story of the snaggletooth you may notice.

Way back when, when I was a young lad, or…two years ago, I worked with a bunch of goofballs at a local pizzeria. For whatever reason, they called me Snaggletooth and Haighletooth (Haigh is my last name). I couldn’t tell you why, I have a fine set of chompers, floss every day, brush maybe once a week on a good week. Perfect set of teeth I tell you. Regardless, the name stuck, most likely because of its irony and ridiculous qualities and the fact that it was fun to say. So I said to myself, why not, why not make a logo pertaining to my nickname, something very personal and unique to me as an individual and run with it. There it is…Snaggletoof, in all its glory.

So now you can take a look at that word bubble in “The Big Chase” and say, “Ohhhh, now I get it!” For those of you with a Coroflot or 5oup account (both which all artists should look into in order to showcase your work to a large community of designers), you can find me under that alias. Hey, if you ever see me on the streets, maybe even throw out a “Snaggletooooof.” I might just say hi back and throw you a high five, maybe some low fives.


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Love your approach to your identity. I stumbled upon this while looking for ideas on how to start developing your own ID ( I am graduating in a couple of months) I agree about the initials thing. It’s boooooring. I think you did an awesome job being creative and incorporating parts of design that are important to you and your talent into your ID. Cool stuff.

Comment by kellithecatlady

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