Defining a Blog Carnival
November 30, 2007, 3:16 am
Filed under: Blogging, Blogs, Design, Help, Informal

Many people who view The Big Chase may notice from time to time, that I post articles titled “carnivals.” I felt it might be necessary to take a moment to explain exactly what a blog carnival was. For those who are involved in blogging, they are most likely familiar with the term and the practice, as it is a helpful means to increase traffic to your blog. A blog carnival acts somewhat similar to an online magazine. You have the option of either creating your own carnival (like I did), or submitting links to your own blog posts to a carnival that falls under the correct category.

For example: I have created the Art & Design Carnival, which gladly asks for any blog posts relating to the world of design. Blog users can submit as many posts pertaining to that field as they wish. The creator of the carnival then sets the date that they will post the blog carnival article on their site. If any of you out there are interested in this, head to For those of you who feel like submitting design posts to my blog carnival, do so here. Welcome to the wild world of blog carnivals ladies and gentlemen.


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emm. nice.

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