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February 6, 2008, 7:14 pm
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bald bottles
Photo Credit – Kristen Kochanski

I wanted to include some personal work of mine quickly. Seeing as I typically don’t have enough time to create many blog posts, I figured I would support my suggestive busy schedule, with some work I’ve created this year. The work you see was an approach to a hypothetical hair loss product. The product was called Folli and the ad campaign features three gentlemen, of various age demographics, who have gone to great lengths to cover up their embarrassing bald spots. The tagline says, “Who Were you Kidding Anyways?” and also features a bottle of the product in each separate image. Some touch ups remain, but it’s nearly finalized. Constructive criticism would be appreciated.

*Fun Fact-The older gentleman with the mop on his head is my grandfather and the gentleman with the grass on his head is actually my father. Shout out to them for helping me out.


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that’s one sexy typeface, but I don’t know if its the best one for that project. What is it? I get that it works with this logotype.

Those photos they’re awesome.

The rest of it is really strong and I really

Comment by pstonier

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