The Genius of The DesignChapel

^ The first image is a close up of one of the pieces of art offered on Blau Gallery. The second is a selection of work that was featured on Lindstrom’s website. The third image is a quick snapshot of Reform & Revolution’s blog.

Originally this post was solely going to focus on Blaugallery, an online business that focuses on selling limited artist prints stretched to canvas (they also offer a service in which you too can take your work and have it printed and stretched to canvas). However, forgetting that the business was created by Robert Lindstrom of The DesignChapel, also co-founder of North Kingdom, I did a bit of browsing on his website, since it’s been some time. Not only is Lindstrom responsible for Blaugallery, North Kingdom and an insane amount of inspirational art direction, he also is responsible for the design focused blog Reform and Revolution.

So think of this post as an ode to Mr. Lindstrom and his innovative genius. Go ahead and check out the wonderfully luscious prints at Blaugallery, take a look at Robert Lindstrom’s work at The DesignChapel, stay up to date with what he’s currently working on at The DesignChapel’s blog, browse the inspirational links over at Reform and Revolution, gaze at the numerous works of efficient design execution at North Kingdom and pray that one day you will have just one-tenth of the creativity that pours out of Lindstrom’s pores, for that is respectable in itself.


Thomas Rusch
July 24, 2008, 1:47 am
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I always feel that it’s a shame when a website isn’t quite up to par with the work being showcased. In the case of Thomas Rusch…well, it’s just not the case. Thomas perfectly exhibits his breathtaking photography within fluid web design. The navigation and full screen view make the website unique as well as very fitting for the photographer’s work.

Think Always. Sleep Never. Laugh often.
July 22, 2008, 12:00 pm
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^ Linked above is a fantastic reel Bryan has thrown together that showcases his creative process through and through. From the development of a logo to the layout of the restaurant’s menu and then finally finishing off with the creation of the beer’s packaging, it’s this extra effort to throw all this material into a progressional movie that speaks for Bryan as a hard worker and as a superb visionary.

Think Always. Sleep Never. Laugh often. These are the phrases shared by several designers and exceptionally prided by one of my former RIT classmates, Bryan Kenny. Bryan has recently launched his website and to my enjoyment, he has not forgotten that the ideation process in just as important as the final execution. Many of his featured projects on the website showcase just as much process work as they do finalized work. It’s a great collection of work, so be sure to start browsing through. Employers, beware…this kid is going to blow your mind.

Design For Fun
July 9, 2008, 2:00 am
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Design for Fun is the graphic design portfolio of Ben Barry. The website includes some fluid navigation and a great collection of work. There is also a great amount of clever icons and symbols, which in turn stand for various pages or categories on the website. Ben has gone through the length to color code certain labeled projects to match its corresponding icon. Brilliant stuff!

Natasja Fourie
June 29, 2008, 6:47 pm
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Thanks to Design Charts, I came across the portfolio of photographer Natasja Fourie. The web design stunningly compliments Natasja’s work as images can be viewed in a full-screen mode and do complete justice to the work itself. Aside from the outstanding work, the web interactivity is just insane…insanely awesome that is. There’s a reason it has appeared at the #2 spot on Design Charts’ prestigious list of websites, right behind Navi’s “World of Timers,” featured below.

*7/19/08- Most recently I found out that the creator of Natasja’s website is Kris Cook, a talented Motion Designer, who has a few pieces of work included on his Behance profile, so head on over and show him some love. Killer work Kris.

World of Timers
June 29, 2008, 6:32 pm
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World of Timers is an interactive website created by Navi Studios (a forced to be reckoned with when it comes to web design). Users can enter a “goal(s)” of sorts into the site and a timer will begin a countdown until you reach the date and time your goal has been set to. Half of the experience is scrolling through the other achievements that have been set by hundreds of other individuals. The site features very fluid interactivity and cute-sy sound effects and it’s definitely worth a look.

Creative Thought + Execution
June 24, 2008, 12:11 am
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Creative Thought and effective execution can quickly sum up the work provided by Arecraft. Arecraft is the site of Eli Horn, a 21 year old artist/designer who makes me feel as if I have my work cut out for me. Not only does the work exhibit a great understand of design, but the navigation of the site also offers a fluidity unlike most websites. Truly a magnificent collection of work at Arecraft that is a must see for all designers.