I’ll Be Back
September 3, 2008, 7:44 pm
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Everyday I find myself lost in the endless abyss of blog posts coated in a sweet flavor of inspiration and I think to myself, I could do this all day! I typically save images, organize them in folders to one day post on my blog for nearly 300 readers a day and I then ponder, is this the most productive way I could be spending my time. My traffic stays fairly consistent and I’m not getting paid to do such a thing. But really, what should you expect from sitting on your ass and surfing the web all day?

It’s a realization of mine that I’ve become increasingly more accustomed to “viewing” brilliant design rather than “making” it and that should be a huge red flag. At what capacity do you try to balance inspiration and the act of designing? What I thought was a fairly even balance has slowly transitioned into an unhealthy craving to view outstanding pieces of work rather than making it and it’s an interesting to me. I believe a large part of this has to do with the progression and improvement of the internet and I could only assume that there are many other creatives falling into the same dilemma, almost a “internet addiction,” if you will.

So, I always wonder how I would prosper from a separation from the web and a step back to the days of pencil to paper? With that said, I would like to mention that I plan on taking a hiatus from blogging. I find it so addictive and extremely entertaining, but I have multiple projects I’ve had on my plate for a while now that aren’t being touched.

I appreciate the support of my readers and I assure you that I will be back soon enough along with a snazzy new blog layout. Please do me and yourself the favor of jumping around the archives of this blog as there are plenty of links that will most certainly interest you. Feel free to contact me as well! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter of the introduction of the World Wide Web and its effects on your own personal creative work. Even with a slightly busy schedule, I’m very open to freelance work, please e-mail me at ryhaigh@yahoo.com if you’re interested and take a look at my Coroflot profile to get a better sense of my work as well.

Warm Regards,


The Genius of The DesignChapel

^ The first image is a close up of one of the pieces of art offered on Blau Gallery. The second is a selection of work that was featured on Lindstrom’s website. The third image is a quick snapshot of Reform & Revolution’s blog.

Originally this post was solely going to focus on Blaugallery, an online business that focuses on selling limited artist prints stretched to canvas (they also offer a service in which you too can take your work and have it printed and stretched to canvas). However, forgetting that the business was created by Robert Lindstrom of The DesignChapel, also co-founder of North Kingdom, I did a bit of browsing on his website, since it’s been some time. Not only is Lindstrom responsible for Blaugallery, North Kingdom and an insane amount of inspirational art direction, he also is responsible for the design focused blog Reform and Revolution.

So think of this post as an ode to Mr. Lindstrom and his innovative genius. Go ahead and check out the wonderfully luscious prints at Blaugallery, take a look at Robert Lindstrom’s work at The DesignChapel, stay up to date with what he’s currently working on at The DesignChapel’s blog, browse the inspirational links over at Reform and Revolution, gaze at the numerous works of efficient design execution at North Kingdom and pray that one day you will have just one-tenth of the creativity that pours out of Lindstrom’s pores, for that is respectable in itself.

Save Polaroid

I think all of us fellow creatives felt a sharp pain in our chests when we learned that Polaroid film’s existence would soon cease to exist. I’ve practically lost count of the number of times I may have cried myself to sleep over this sad spectacle, however there is a decent amount of action we can all take to save the precious little rectangular photos we love most. Thanks to the Save Polaroid website, several options are offered to help make a stand and inform film companies that there is money in the Polaroid film product. So get to it people, start a Polaroid revolution!

White Bicycle
June 24, 2008, 12:00 am
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Most recently I had an interview with the gentlemen at White Bicycle, a design studio located in Buffalo, NY. With hopes to add me as The Bike’s third designer, along side of Brian Grunert and Kyle Morrissey, I shall be lucky enough to work with two designers responsible for Grammy Nominated work.

They have a fantastic collection of CD work that is accompanied by a .pdf portfolio online worth a look.

For any of you recent graduates who possess a job you’re excited about or proud to be working for, do not hesitate to send me the link to your company’s website and I’ll be sure to post a link to their site as well.

70 Amazing Business Cards
June 21, 2008, 3:14 pm
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A while back I had referred the “Art of the Business Card,” which is a fantastic collection of innovative and edgy business card designs. It’s been tough to find other decent collections of business card designs until most recently when I ran across “70 Amazing Business Cards.” The site features a collection of designs that I haven’t run across before and it’s a great reference for all of you recent grads looking to promote yourself and network like crazy. Be sure to take a look.

Scary Interview
March 5, 2008, 11:38 pm
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scary interview

A clever site that includes some handy interview tips when it comes time to land a killer job.

July 20, 2007, 2:09 am
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Yeah that’s right, Bang-Bang T-Shirts is bringing you another competition to satisfy your design taste buds upon. For all of those video game fanatics out there, well this is your moment to shine as this contest will focus on the theme of video games. Head over to Bang-Bang T-Shirts, check out the store, check out the submission details, and get a piece of the action.